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We welcome YOU to join Celebrities Academy, on this game-changing journey to becoming a Successful and working on-camera personality. We are at the dawn of a new media era where broadcast and digital are merging. Broadcast outlets are investing tons of resources into their dot com's as well as their TV channels. Double the outreach equals double the available work, BUT also double the chances for the viewer to get the content they need. With that being said, it's becoming increasingly difficult to engage your audience. The mistake that many of today's on-camera hosts make is modeling the old way of hosting. But generically pretty, polished, perfect hosts are OUT, and personality-driven delivery is IN.

Your job as an on-camera host/personality is to create a compelling need, through your personality and point of view, for viewers to get content from you. Always remember the three R's – when you REVEAL your personality, viewers can RELATE to you, and this ultimately equals RATINGS.

We pride our self on being the number 1 emerging 'Media Coach Company' in the world, because all roads to hosting start with us. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So we’ve made it our personal and professional mission to continuously deliver new information in this dynamic world of hosting, because in order to stay RELEVANT you have to know how to REBRAND.

We provide the necessary tools and resources to help you navigate thrive and survive in this ever-changing business, and we will help you discover, define and deliver your brand in a way that you redefine yourself.

Celebrities Academy manages, consults, cast, mentor and produce and has thrived and survived both on-camera and off. Therefore, we know exactly what buyers are looking for when it comes to seeking new talent. We know what the trends are, what’s in and what's out. The biggest mistake you can make as talent would be to seek information from an out-of-work host turned host coach, who ultimately has no idea what buyers want and need. But We know this business like the back of our hand.

If you're an emerging or established TV host, you're in the right place. Now for the truth – and that is, that everybody can succeed in this genre. WELCOME !!!!

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